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Why More People Are Choosing Cruises to Experience the Best of the World

Guest Contributor August 20, 2019

The idea of visiting different destinations in a single trip sounds like an adventure, but the planning can be daunting. You want to experience everything that each spot has to offer without coming home exhausted and needing a vacation from your vacation.

Perhaps this is why more and more people of all ages are turning to cruises to see more of the world. A cruise vacation allows you to explore multiple exciting destinations, try new foods, and encounter different cultures – all without having to do months of research, planning and making arrangements.

Cruises are also a great choice for families. Most ships have countless activities onboard for keeping everyone engaged and entertained. Many also have kid’s clubs so that young ones can play with others their own age – while the grownups enjoy a break. Plus, you get to experience a variety of stops along the journey – and you only have to pack and unpack once.

For a romantic getaway or a family vacation, a cruise can be your shortcut to experiencing the best the world has to offer. Some of the most popular cruise routes right now include sails of the Alaskan coast, the Caribbean islands, and the great rivers of Europe.

Here are just some of the adventures you can experience from the deck of a ship.


Sailing the gorgeous northern waters of Alaska is the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll see massive glaciers up close, rugged and dramatic coastlines, and wildlife unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Today Alaska presents a unique blend of the old and the new. Modern urban life in the cities and towns sits in stark contrast with the surrounding untouched wilderness. You are sure to be moved by the rugged beauty of this pristine frontier. Zip-line through an ancient forest, get up close and personal with 30-ton whales, and sail the inside passage through giant glaciers. Make sure you bring a decent camera; the photo ops are staggering.

Celebrity Cruises offers a variety of Alaskan voyages allowing travellers to take in the views of dramatic shorelines, wild mountain goats and pods of orcas. From the deck of the ship you can see seals sunbathing on rocks and humpback whales breaching the surface of the water to hunt.

For the ultimate northern land and sea adventure, combine a Cruisetour with your Alaska cruise. This excursion takes you on an exciting land tour along remote roads and railways in deluxe motor coaches and a luxurious train and to experience sleeping in authentic Alaskan lodges.

The Caribbean.

With crystal clear turquoise waters, soft white sand beaches, and year-round warm weather, the Caribbean makes for an ideal vacation spot. Whether you are into swimming, scuba, and snorkelling, exploring tropical jungles and discovering ancient ruins, or treasure hunting in local markets, this region has something for everyone.

Part of the charm of the Caribbean is the amazing variety of landscapes and cultures in the many islands. There are the Spanish speaking islands such as the Dominican Republic and Cuba, the British influences of the West Indies, the Dutch character evident in Aruba and Curacao and the unique Dutch/French split on Sint Maarten / St. Martin. And that’s just a few of the many rich heritages to explore in the Caribbean. So how do you choose where to go and what to see?

That’s the beauty of a cruise. These tropical island paradises make for the ideal itinerary for a sail that docks at many exciting ports.

Princess Cruises offers a Rhythm of the Caribbean program that has a wide variety of itineraries to bring travellers to as many world-class beaches as possible in a single vacation. Plus, travellers are given the chance to savor the diverse fusion of flavours drawn from the Caribbean’s coasts, with dishes like Jamaican Jerk Chicken, delicious red snapper, Creole Black Mussels, Puerto Rican Mofongo and more. On this cruise, guests are also immersed in the energy and vibe of the tropical islands with themed parties, activities and lively musical performances.

Disney Cruise Line offers tours of the Caribbean that include a stop-off at their own private island, Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. This port is exclusive for Disney guests, offering travellers a beautiful beach, outdoor adventures on hiking and biking trails, and seaside dining and barbecue feasts. Plus, the legendary Disney hospitality and attention to detail is evident everywhere on this tropical island.


With so much history, the rich variety of diverse cultures, and breathtaking natural beauty and landscapes, there are countless reasons to visit Europe. Whether you’re looking to walk in the footsteps of the past, sample world-class wines and regional cuisines, or cycle through the dramatic countryside, you will find so much to discover in a European trek.

With such an abundance of options, where do you start? Fortunately, this continent is decorated by hundreds of rivers and tributaries connecting quaint villages and towns with historic cities and capitals. This makes for the perfect environment for exploring from the deck of a ship.

Uniworld offers a variety of luxury river cruises along the Main, Rhine, Danube or Moselle rivers, docking at classic European destinations, and providing five-star farm-to-table cuisine on a one-of-a-kind ship. Find out more about the Boutique River Cruise Collection.

Viking River Cruises boast an array of European adventures on their award-winning Viking Longships®. These vessels are engineered to get travelers as close as possible to their destination with floor to ceiling windows and ample terraces for al fresco dining. For travelling in comfort and style, they also boast some of the largest suites on Europe’s rivers.

Whether you’re exploring the rugged northern shorelines of Alaska, island hopping in the Caribbean, or stopping off at some of the best spots Europe has to offer, a cruise can be your hassle-free way to explore multiple destinations in a single unforgettable trip.

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