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How to Plan a Garden That Will Attract Friendly Wildlife

Hoping to see more birds, bees and butterflies? Here’s what to plant.

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Here’s What You Should Do If Your Car Breaks Down On The Highway

Follow these stranded driver tips to safely navigate a vehicle breakdown


5 Travel Memoirs That Make You Feel Like You’re There

Our list will transport you up mountains and around the world


How to Protect Yourself Against Ticks and Lyme Disease

Here’s how to avoid tick bites and what to do if you suspect that you have Lyme disease.

Auto Advice
A man vacuums the interior of his car

How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Follow these pro tips and your vehicle will be primed for the warm weather

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An outdoor seating area in a backyard is shown with lots of trees in the background

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Backyard

Our expert tips will help you add some mood-boosting colour to your outdoor space

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A woman holds a high plank position

Easy Exercises You Can Do At Home

A little bit of time, and a little bit of space go a long way with these exercises

Auto Advice
A man checks inside the engine of a car

How to Keep Your Car Well-Maintained When It’s Not Being Used

Even if you’re not driving much these days, your car still needs a little TLC

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An example of a gallery wall is shown in a living room

How to Create a Gallery Wall in Your Home

Plus, you can take advantage of special offers for CAA Members on frames, tools or other supplies

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A stack of cookies sit next to a cannabis bud

Everything You Need to Know About Edibles

A look at what products are available, how they're made and what regulations are in place

Auto Advice
Bolts on a wheel are tightened to prevent separation.

What You need to Know About Runaway Wheels

Every year, hundreds of Ontario cars lose their wheels. Here’s how to prevent that from happening to your vehicle.

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Hands are shown holding soil

How to Get Your Garden Started for the Season

Gardening tips for when to plant veggies, herbs and cheery flowers this spring